SteelSeries Stratus Duo Wireless Gaming Controller

The controller feels great, is responsive, and works with a wide variety of games on the Android, Windows, VR, and Chromebooks. The versatility of being able to use either USB-wireless, USB-pluggedIn, or Bluetooth really adds to the quality.

Wireless Gaming Controller

The buttons are rather smooth to press and the d-pad also feels nice. The triggers don't go deep, but they're plenty responsive, and properly analog for varying pressures. The joysticks are quite nice as well, and provide enough grip for you.

Stratus Duo

Controller/ Joystick for various platforms. Works on PC (compatible with Steam Big Pictures) either with a wireless dongle connection or with Bluetooth. It can also be connected with an Android Smartphone. The shape fits perfectly in the hand, making gaming more comfortable

SteelSeries Controller

This controller pairs to anything and maps easily.

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COOBILE Controller
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COOBILE Mobile Game Controller

This controller is awesome, it makes you play mobile game for fun. Aiming with this thing is spot on.

Mobile Game Controller
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DELAM Mobile Game Controller

The stretchable grip makes it compatible with all 4.7-6.5” phones of iOS and Android device.

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4 Trigger Mobile Game Controller

4 trigger mobile game controller is very cool, made of high quality material, ergonomic design, very durable, flexible.

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