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This JAMJAKE Stylus pen for ipad is so easy to use. It is very accurate. You truly feel like you are using a regular pencil, or pen etc. Compared with the ordinary stylus pen, it has higher sensitivity, more accurate signal and more comfortable hand. not easy to break!The pen with palm rejection technology provides a natural writing feeling and quick, effortless interaction with your screen, gives you more accuracy and control against the screen. you can rest your palm comfortably on the screen while writing or drawing, stylus pen works well with the ipad as long as you use an application that's meant for writing (the palm rejection works better). The tip and grip also makes it feel like a real pencil. The agility and accuracy of the pen is wonderful for making notes, highlighting, and marking out on a document. This product is valuable for many of our tech programs for our in class students as well as remote learners. You don’t need to be an engineer or artist to benefit from this product.

The JAMJAKE stylus supports for iPad series 2018-2022 model: iPad 9th/8th/7th/6th Gen, iPad Air 3rd/4th/5th Gen, iPad Pro 11 inches,iPad Pro12.9 inches 3rd/4th/5th,iPad Mini 5th/6th Gen.

The Stylus pen doesn't support iPad pro 1st&2nd, iPad pro 10.5", iPad pro 9.7", iPad 1 to 5 Gen, iPad mini 1 to 4 Gen, iPad Air 1st/2nd Gen versions of iPad. Not Compatible With iPhone, Android, Microsoft devices.

JAMJAKE stylus pen

The JAMJAKE pencil for iPad is compatible with apple iPad 2018 & 2020: iPad 6th Gen(9.7"), iPad 7th Gen(10.2"), iPad 8th Gen(2020), iPad Mini 5th Gen, iPad Air 3rd&4th Gen, iPad Pro(11"&12.9"). [ Note ] not work for iPad pro 1st&2nd, iPad pro 10.5", iPad pro 9.7", earlier versions of iPad, iPhone, android, microsoft devices.


The Stylus pen with its 1.5 mm tip offers an accurate writing and sketching experience, due to its precision and it gives you a realistic feeling while drawing or painting. It will change your work life, transforming your room into a paperless dream. Also, you can rest your hand on the screen because of the palm rejection function.

Stylus Pen

The pen works by touching the top of the pen then using it on the iPad. You don't need to upload an app or sync it to Bluetooth. The pen turns off after a short while (not while it is in use) which helps with its battery life. The pen is accurate and has two pen heads, for a wide or narrow line.

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  • Rating 4.3

Maylofi Stylus Pens for Touch Screens

Giving you a comfortable experience as a real pencil use on paper. Perfect for drawing, note-taking and other professional use.

Joyroom stylus pen
  • Rating 4.3

Joyroom stylist pen for ipad

Stylus pen comes with a Palm Rejection Glove, rests your hand on screen with no worries about your palm being detected by the capacitive screen.

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Amazon Basics Stylus Pen for ipad

Amazon Basics Stylus Pen for Touchscreen Tablet Devices Including Kindle Fire, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Perfect for drawing apps.

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