COOBILE Mobile Game Controller for PUBG Mobile

Controller works for PUBG and COD mobile. This is a simple yet effective product. The triggers are metal and responsive. You literally see the movement of the mechanism, the part that is touching the screen. The grips are a bit closer to each other, which allows for more range for your thumbs. There is nothing holding the phone from the side which is good because it allows your charger and headphones to not be blocked.

COOBILE Controlle

It works well and helps your grip so your fingers don't fall a sleep fast. The game trigger can be flipped up by 180° for you to set up the game and operate the screen.

Trigger Joystick

This little device does exactly what you would expect. If your used to playing CLAW or your trying to find an easier way to many up those kill streaks in COD Mobile this ups your game almost instantly.

mobile Controller

The controller feels good in the hands and the buttons are responsive. Comfortable handle, long-term game will not fatigue, alloy trigger, Fire while moving, 4 fingers operate at the same time, faster than the enemy, giving you a better gaming experience.

Compare Prices of Game Controllers

GameSir X2
  • Rating 4.0

X2 Bluetooth Mobile Game Controller

GameSir X2 has been upgraded and equipped with Bluetooth to bring multiple mobile gaming experience to gamers.

Mobile Game Controller
  • Rating 4.0

DELAM Mobile Game Controller

The stretchable grip makes it compatible with all 4.7-6.5” phones of iOS and Android device.

4 Trigger Controller
  • Rating 4.1

4 Trigger Mobile Game Controller

4 trigger mobile game controller is very cool, made of high quality material, ergonomic design, very durable, flexible.

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