The Best iPhone XR Case

iphone xr case

So which is the best case for you and your iphone xr? If you're looking for new iphone xr case, there are a number of things to look for. Finding one that fits your style is always a plus. However, making sure it's durable is also important. Most iphone xr cases are built with those two things in mind. These cases help keep your phone protected on all sides, while also coming in a variety of different designs.

Mkeke Case Clear for iPhone Xr 6.1 Inch

Incredibly cheap and durable with a snug fit. This case is clear and allows your iPhone XR’s color to shine through. The case itself is a one-piece, which was easy to fit around the iphone, but at the same time snug. The phone does not shift or slide whatsoever and the case feels very good to hold in your hand.

 iPhone Xr Case,Clear

$10.99 AT

Spigen Ultra Hybrid for iPhone XR Crystal Clear Case 6.1 inch

The Spigen case is a nice compromise between a soft and a hard case. It provides enough protection, while not adding too much thickness. The transparent case shows of the colour of the phone nicely. The case doesn’t get too slippery as the bumper is more of a rubbery texture.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid for iPhone XR

$11.99 AT

OtterBox Symmetry Series Case For iPhone XR

It's fits iPhone XR perfectly. It's not bulky like a traditional Otterbox. It's a slim design that doesn't add too much to the overall weight of the phone. It doesn't have a circular opening in the back like previous Otterboxes as well. The raised design gives protection to the lens. Great case!

OtterBox Symmetry Series Case

$14.96 AT

OTOFLY iPhone XR Case, 6.1 inch [Silky and Soft Touch Series]

This OTOFLY case is so soft and very durable! It’s lightweight and sleek and doesn’t make your phone too bulky! The iPhone XR in its natural state will slip and slide from the user's hand. This OTOFLY [Silky and Soft Touch Series] premium soft silicone rubber prevents the iphone xr from escaping! Its rubber full-body protection is functional, not only protecting the iphone but adding grace to it also.

OTOFLY iPhone XR Case

$11.87 AT

TORRAS Shockproof Case for iPhone XR

TORRAS iPhone XR protective high-quality case makes a balance of clear and matte finish. The semi-translucent matte finish gives this case a unique and sleek look, as well as a soft texture which feels very comfortable in the hand and provides just the right amount of grip. This texture can sometimes attract dust and fingerprints, especially oils, but it is very easy to clean off and looks like new again.

TORRAS Shockproof iPhone XR Case

$14.96 AT


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