Airpods Pro Case

Airpods Pro Case

If you're looking for a durable case to protect your AirPod Pro case, this one is affordable and decently sleek-looking. It allows you to attach your AirPod case to yourself or your bag, which is a plus if you need quick and easy access to it. it's a simple product; it does what it does, and does it well. You don't need to remove the cover to charge your case, as you can do so wirelessly with it on, or undo the bottom to plug in the lightning cable.

Airpods Case

This is a simple, basic rubber cover for your AirPods Pro and it’s charging case. The cover is made of a soft rubber to protect your case from scuffs and scratches. There is a cutout at the bottom to allow for a charging cable. It fits perfectly on the AirPods Pro case and wireless charging without any issues. The attached metal carabiner clip is really nice which allows him to carry and attach the pouch to the backpack. This is a great Airpods Pro case and highly recommend to everyone.

AirPods Pro

Very durable, excellent price and good quality. Comes with a durable clip that you can attach to you purse or backpack. There is a small gap in front but if you use it on your AirPods for a week or so it will adjust down, it's just because it's new the first day you use.

$5.99 AT Amazon.com


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